Kellogg’s, the renowned cereal brand, is issuing a nationwide recall of its newly introduced chocolate cornflakes due to the discovery of “hard lumps” within the product. These lumps, deemed a potential hazard, could pose risks such as tooth damage or choking, prompting the company to take swift action to safeguard consumers.

The Concern:

Upon identification of the issue, Kellanova, the European manufacturer of Kellogg’s cereals, swiftly alerted the public about the potential risks associated with consuming the chocolate cornflakes. The company highlighted that these hard lumps do not disintegrate when consumed with milk, raising concerns about dental harm or choking hazards.

Recall Notice:

In response to the discovery, Kellanova issued a recall notice, urging consumers who have purchased the affected product to discard it immediately. The precautionary measure aims to mitigate any potential harm posed by the presence of hard lumps in the cereal.

Public Advisory:

Additionally, the Food Standards Agency website issued a public advisory, warning consumers about the safety risks associated with the product. Customers were advised not to consume the chocolate cornflakes and to dispose of them accordingly. Instead, individuals were encouraged to reach out to Kellogg’s for further assistance.

Product Background:

The chocolate cornflakes, introduced earlier this year, were marketed as a modern twist to the iconic Kellogg’s Corn Flakes brand, which boasts a legacy spanning over a century. The new flavor aimed to cater to evolving consumer preferences while retaining the essence of the beloved classic.

Company Response:

In response to the recall, Kellanova emphasized that only a small fraction of the chocolate cornflake boxes were affected by the presence of hard lumps. While assuring consumers of minimal risk, the company emphasized the importance of prioritizing consumer safety, leading to the decision to recall all affected products.

Risk Assessment:

While cereal clusters forming during production are typically considered normal, the emergence of hard lumps raised alarms, necessitating immediate action. Kellanova underscored its commitment to quality and safety, prioritizing consumer well-being above all else.

Scope of Recall:

The recall pertains specifically to 450g boxes of chocolate cornflakes purchased within a four-month period. Consumers are advised to check the best before dates, ranging from 6 December 2024 to 28 April 2025, and discard any affected products.


Affected consumers are urged to reach out to Kellanova for refunds or further assistance. The company reaffirmed that other variants of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes remain unaffected by the issue, offering reassurance to loyal consumers.


Kellogg’s swift response to safety concerns underscores its commitment to consumer welfare and product integrity. As the company navigates this recall, it reinforces the importance of proactive measures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its valued customers.


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