Beauty enthusiasts, rejoice! The much-loved Glossier Balm Dotcom is making a grand comeback with its original formula, sparking joy among its dedicated fanbase. Let’s dive into why this product has garnered such a cult following and why beauty editors are raving about its return.

The Cult of Balm Dotcom

First launched in 2014, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom quickly became a staple in the beauty routines of many, thanks to its multifunctional properties and trendy packaging. This product isn’t just a lip balm; it’s a versatile salve designed to soothe dry skin, cuticles, and even minor scrapes. The original formula, rich in hydrating ingredients like lanolin, made it an instant hit. However, in 2023, Glossier reformulated the balm to make it vegan, replacing lanolin with synthetic alternatives.

While the move to a vegan formula was praised by many, a significant portion of Glossier’s loyal customers felt the new version didn’t quite hit the mark. This led to a flurry of feedback on social media and beauty forums, with fans clamoring for the return of the original formula.

The Return of the Original Formula

Listening to their customers, Glossier decided to bring back the original Balm Dotcom formula. This decision has been met with overwhelming positivity, with fans expressing their delight across various platforms. According to Cosmetics Business, Glossier tested the waters by reintroducing the original formula in a limited edition Strawberry flavor, which sold out rapidly, indicating strong consumer demand.

The reintroduction also comes with a new flavor, adding a fresh twist to the classic product. The enthusiasm around the original Balm Dotcom’s return is palpable, with beauty editors highlighting its effective hydration and the nostalgic appeal of its original ingredients.

What Makes Balm Dotcom So Special?

  1. Multi-use Functionality: Balm Dotcom’s versatility is a significant part of its charm. Whether used as a lip balm, skin salve, or even a brow groomer, its multifunctionality makes it a must-have in any beauty bag.
  2. Hydration Power: The original formula’s inclusion of lanolin provides deep hydration, making it especially effective for dry, chapped lips and skin. According to Stylist, this intense moisturizing effect is a primary reason for its cult status.
  3. Cult Appeal: The product’s minimalist, chic packaging and the brand’s savvy social media presence have helped cement its status as a beauty icon. Glossier’s ability to create a community around its products has played a crucial role in Balm Dotcom’s enduring popularity.

Beauty Editors’ Top Picks

Beauty editors have their favorites when it comes to Balm Dotcom. The Mint and Coconut versions are often highlighted for their refreshing and soothing properties. The Birthday flavor, with its subtle shimmer, is a favorite for adding a touch of sparkle to the lips. Editors also appreciate the product’s ability to act as a quick fix for various beauty emergencies, from taming flyaway hairs to soothing dry elbows.

Glossier’s Commitment to Innovation

Glossier’s decision to bring back the original Balm Dotcom formula demonstrates the brand’s commitment to listening to its customers and adapting to their needs. This move also highlights the brand’s ability to balance innovation with tradition. While the vegan formula continues to be available, offering both versions ensures that all customers can find a product that suits their preferences.

Where to Get Your Balm Dotcom

You can purchase the original Balm Dotcom directly from Glossier’s website. With various flavors to choose from, including the newly reintroduced original formula, there’s something for everyone. The product is priced at £11, making it an affordable luxury that beauty enthusiasts swear by.


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