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If you’re a fan of Cadbury’s delightful treats, then you’re in for a sweet surprise. Morrisons has just launched a new and exciting feature across 15 of its stores: Cadbury Heroes Pick and Mix boxes! This trial is perfect for anyone who loves the joy of mixing and matching their favorite chocolates, all for just ÂŁ4 per cup.

What’s the Buzz About?

In a delicious move to delight customers, Morrisons has introduced the Cadbury Heroes Pick and Mix. This means that while you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, you can now take a delightful detour and fill up a cup with your favourite Cadbury Heroes chocolates. It’s a nostalgic nod to the traditional Pick and Mix but with a sweet twist, focusing entirely on Cadbury’s beloved mini treats.

What’s in the Box?

You might be wondering which Cadbury Heroes treats you can find in this Pick and Mix. Here’s the full lineup:

This new feature is all about giving you the power of choice. Want a cup full of just Twirl? Go ahead! Fancy a mix of Wispa and Crunchie Bits? The choice is yours.

The Feedback Loop

While this initiative sounds like a chocolate lover’s dream, it seems not everyone is on board with the price point. Some shoppers have voiced concerns that the size of the cups doesn’t quite justify the ÂŁ4 price tag. It’s a valid point – value for money is always a key consideration.

However, for those who adore the idea of hand-picking their favourite mini treats, this might just be a new favourite way to shop for chocolate. Plus, it adds a bit of fun to the grocery shopping experience, especially for families with kids who enjoy a good Pick and Mix session.

Where to Find It

Currently, this chocolatey trial is available in 15 Morrisons stores. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these participating locations, you might want to pop in and check it out. Here are a few stores where you can find the Cadbury Heroes Pick and Mix:

(For a full list of stores, visit the Morrisons website.)

What’s Next for Morrisons?

This isn’t the first time Morrisons has tried to innovate the shopping experience. The supermarket chain is known for its efforts to keep customers engaged with new and exciting offers. Whether it’s through new product launches or special in-store features like this one, Morrisons is continually looking for ways to stand out.

As we see more stores embracing unique, customer-friendly concepts, it’s likely we’ll continue to see similar initiatives rolled out in other locations if the trial proves successful. Who knows, maybe we’ll see even more creative Pick and Mix options in the future!

Get Involved

If you’re curious about this new feature or if you’ve already tried it, why not share your experience? Head over to the Morrisons Facebook page or tweet them at @Morrisons to let them know what you think. Your feedback could be the key to making this trial a permanent feature across all stores.

Sweet Summary

Morrisons has taken a delicious step forward with the introduction of Cadbury Heroes Pick and Mix boxes in 15 of its stores. While some shoppers are debating the value for money, there’s no denying the fun and flexibility this feature brings to your shopping experience. With a variety of Cadbury’s best mini chocolates to choose from, it’s a sweet treat for anyone looking to add a little joy to their grocery run.

So, if you find yourself near a participating Morrisons, why not give it a try? Fill up a cup with your favourite chocolates and enjoy a taste of nostalgia with a modern twist.


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