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An epic journey starring eight heroes, Embark with your team of heroes on an epic quest to free your friends and put the Mushroom Kingdom back in order!

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi will join forces with four Rabbids heroes, each with their own unique personalities: boastful Rabbid Mario, fearful Rabbid Luigi, sassy Rabbid Peach, and off-his-rocker Rabbid Yoshi.

A crazy tactical adventure, Mario and his friends will use never-before-seen weapons to engage in combat with their foes. With an arsenal of more than 250 weapons with unique statistics and specificities, players will choose how best to equip each of their eight heroes.

Turn-based gameplay allows players to take the time they need to position their heroes and unleash their actions.

Play additional co-op challenges with a friend in local multiplayer, featuring three levels of difficulty. Share a pair of Joy-Con controllers or use your Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.

A fresh Mario experience, Discover the Mushroom Kingdom like you never have before – twisted by the mischievous Rabbids!

Experience a feel-good adventure filled with humor, epic music, vibrant animation, and colorful visuals, powered by the Snowdrop engine.

Nintendo Switch Neon with Mario Rabbids, Nintendo UK

Price: £294.97
as of 17th February 2019 06:37  
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Current Price £294.97 17th February 2019
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Lowest Price £289.00 10th February 2019
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