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What to book before your Summer 2019 holiday

If you have booked your 2019 holiday and are excited, you may try and forget to book EVERYTHING until the last minute. But it is usually cheaper to book EVERYTHING in advance.


But right now, head over to a price comparison website such as or to check what the prices are going to be for your holiday as you need to be covered right away.

Did you know:

Holiday insurance is covered from the minute you take out your booking. Leaving it until the last minute, sometimes things come up that cause problems and you can’t go on holiday and you unfortunately are not covered.

Book your holiday car asap!

Booking in advance from a website such as SIXT or Europcar can save you over a whopping £600 compared to booking just before you leave.

Travel Money

Travel Money is always a biggie, with prices fluctuating quite a bit. Keep an eye out for when we post a travel money sale (We do quite a lot). Buy as much as you physically want for your holiday in one lump sum, as some travel agents usually give a better rate for the higher amount that you want to convert to USD, EURO or AUD.

To get a ball park figure, keep an eye on the Post Office for Travel Money HERE

E1HC Cards

These at the moment are currently valid, until we get either a clean Brexit, or a no deal Brexit. We are not one’s to state our views, just facts. Provided the UK does get a clean Brexit, we will be able to continue using the E1HC cards until 2020, however a no deal Brexit may cause some issues and bump up the prices of insurance, that however will be okay as long as you get your insurance right now!

On a side note, all over the internet there are some websites that ask for you to pay for your E1HC card. Please NEVER DO! They are free to everyone in the UK. Top hit’s from Google do show that you have to pay for your card. This is NOT the truth.

  • Get your E1HC card HERE (For FREE) from the NHS website

Time of booking.

There are varied reports that recommend different times to book your holiday. BUT If you are planning a USA holiday, don’t forget to book a mid week holiday as travelling on a Wednesday is USUALLY cheaper than any other time of the week.

That is our quick guide to booking a holiday with no fuss and saving money.

Have a great holiday 🏖👩‍✈️👨‍✈️


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