How to save on City WiFi whilst working

BT Openzone changed it’s name a while ago simply to BT WiFi.

If you are not lucky enough to connect to a Sky Cloud, read on…

With that said, if you use a lot of WiFi whilst in your local town/city that has access to BT WiFi it may be worth checking out this offer.

What’s included in the two plans?:

So what are the prices?

Everyday use is always more expensive BUT if you plan it further (Just like a train ticket) the price drops a LOT.

Each day costs £4 BUT if you purchase a 3 month plan. It will set you back £90 saving you £270 per quarter!🤯

BUT if you can stretch to a 12 month plan, you can save a whopping £1,280 by purchasing a £180 plan (that is just 50p per day). 📱⌚️


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