When it comes to grabbing a cup of coffee, Costa Coffee is a favourite spot for many in the UK. Whether you’re a regular visitor or an occasional guest, finding ways to save on your coffee runs can make your day a little brighter. Here are ten practical tips to help you enjoy your Costa Coffee experience without breaking the bank.

1. Join the Costa Coffee Club

If you’re not already a member, joining the Costa Coffee Club is a no-brainer. It’s free to join, and you’ll earn points on every purchase. These points can be redeemed for free drinks and food, making your visits more rewarding.

2. Take Advantage of Seasonal Promotions

Costa Coffee frequently offers seasonal promotions and special deals. These can include discounted drinks, limited-time menu items, and exclusive member offers. Keep an eye on their website and social media channels for the latest updates.

3. Download the Costa Coffee App

The Costa Coffee app is a handy tool for regular customers. Not only can you collect and track your points, but the app also provides access to exclusive offers and promotions. Plus, you can order ahead and skip the queue, saving you time and money.

4. Use Reusable Cups

Costa Coffee encourages sustainability by offering a discount when you bring your own reusable cup. This not only helps the environment but also saves you money on every purchase. Check out their sustainability efforts for more details.

5. Check for Student Discounts

Students can often benefit from special discounts at Costa Coffee. Make sure to bring your student ID and ask about any current promotions. It’s a great way to enjoy your favourite coffee on a budget.

6. Subscribe to the Newsletter

By subscribing to the Costa Coffee newsletter, you’ll receive the latest news, promotions, and special offers directly in your inbox. It’s an easy way to stay informed about money-saving opportunities.

7. Buy in Bulk

If you’re a fan of Costa’s coffee beans or ground coffee, consider buying in bulk. Purchasing larger quantities can often save you money in the long run. Check their online store for bulk buying options and special deals.

8. Look for Loyalty Card Offers

In addition to the Costa Coffee Club, look out for any other loyalty card offers available through partners or other schemes. Sometimes supermarkets and other retailers offer Costa points as part of their own loyalty programs.

9. Use Discount Gift Cards

Websites like Cardyard and Zeek often sell discounted gift cards for Costa Coffee. Buying these gift cards at a lower price can give you extra savings on your purchases.

10. Explore the Menu

While it might be tempting to stick to your usual order, exploring the menu can lead to discovering less expensive options that you enjoy just as much. Costa offers a variety of drinks and snacks, some of which are priced lower than the more popular items.

Engaging with Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is more than just a place to get your caffeine fix; it’s a community hub where people gather to relax, work, and catch up with friends. By taking advantage of these money-saving tips, you can enjoy more of what Costa has to offer without stretching your budget.


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