Grow a Chilly Willy at Firebox

Is this the perfect Valentines gift for 2019.

Thanks to the team at Firebox, you can now get a Grow a Dick (Quite literally). Perfect for your partner or yourself, you will soon realise that inside the box comes a chilly plant.

From the Firebox website:

Spicy bellend! No, it’s not an STD, it’s the organic produce from our super easy Grow A Dick Kit! This sassy little cube has a big surprise inside: spoiler alert, it’s everything you need to grow a girthy batch of capsicum annuum – AKA phallic chillies! 

This is no bird-of-paradise-flower-situation, these spicy red numbers are unmistakably penile from head to shaft. Except for the little green bit on the stem, obvs. If you actually have one of those on your knob, please see a doctor, you may be at risk of being diagnosed as a plant. 

Currently not on offer, but what a present for someone who loves… Chillies (What else could we mean?)


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