Cadbury dinky Deckers are now a thing

We have spotted these at Cadbury and they do remind me of the small wisper bites…

Dinky Deckers are a thing that anyone who has ever enjoyed a Double Decker, then realised within a few bites that it has all gone (We do that as well). You can close them and eat at another time.

On a side note… The Spotted Bargains logo does not come on the packet (We just put it there).

How Cadbury describe them:

Shareable squares of crispy cereal and soft, pillowy nougat, coated in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate – double the dinky delight!

I am sure that we have seen them quite a few times, however on the Cadbury website they are showing as a new item. Unless the flavour has been changed/tweaked a little).How delicious do they sound


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