If you’re a frequent traveler looking to save big on your accommodation expenses, Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program is your golden ticket. This program offers a variety of perks that make your travel experiences not only more affordable but also more luxurious.

The Basics of the Genius Program

Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program is designed to reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts and benefits. The program has three levels, each offering progressively better perks. Let’s dive into what you can expect at each level.

Genius Level 1:

  • Eligibility: Sign up for a free Booking.com account.
  • Benefits: 10% discount on select properties and rental cars.

Genius Level 2:

  • Eligibility: Complete five bookings within two years.
  • Benefits: 15% discount on participating properties, free breakfast, and room upgrades on select stays.

Genius Level 3:

  • Eligibility: Complete fifteen bookings within two years.
  • Benefits: Up to 20% discount on stays, 10% discount on rental cars, free breakfast, free room upgrades, and priority customer support.

How to Maximize Your Genius Benefits

To get the most out of the Genius program, aim to book accommodations that participate in the Genius program. These properties are marked with a blue Genius label on the Booking.com website. Here’s a pro tip: Always sign in to your account before searching for accommodations to ensure you see all available Genius discounts.

Current Deals for Genius Members

As of now, there are some incredible deals available exclusively for Genius members:

  • 5% off Selected Bookings with Level 2 Genius Membership: Perfect for those looking to save a little extra on their next trip. Complete five bookings within two years to unlock this discount.
  • 10% off Selected Bookings with Free Level 1 Genius Sign-ups: Ideal for new members. Simply sign up for a free account to access this discount.
  • Up to 15% off Late Bookings: This deal also includes a free £5 Amazon voucher for bookings over £45.
  • Up to 35% off Golden Week Getaways: A fantastic deal for those looking to travel during Golden Week.
  • No Booking Fees: Booking.com offers the benefit of no booking fees on many properties, ensuring that the price you see is the price you pay.

Exclusive Offers and How to Access Them

Booking.com frequently updates its deals, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their special offers page. Here are some of the current highlights:

  • Special Offers with App Downloads: Download the Booking.com app to unlock exclusive deals.
  • Special Offers with Newsletter Sign-ups: Sign up for the Booking.com newsletter to receive the latest deals straight to your inbox.
  • Great Savings on Selected London Stays: London is always a good idea, especially with significant savings on accommodations.
  • Up to 20% off Selected Dubai Hotels: Dubai, with its luxurious lifestyle and shopping, becomes more affordable with this deal.
  • Bali Stays from Under £20pn: Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Bali stays are available for less than £20 per night.
  • Barcelona Attractions from £2.55: Explore Barcelona’s rich culture and history with affordable attraction tickets.

Why Choose the Genius Program?

The Genius program not only offers significant savings but also enhances your travel experience with added perks like free breakfasts and room upgrades. According to Booking.com, members enjoy lifetime membership at their attained level, meaning the benefits you unlock are yours to keep. The program also ensures that your bookings count towards your progress, covering stays, rental cars, flights, taxis, and even attractions.

Real-Life Benefits and Reviews

Customers who have upgraded their Genius levels have reported substantial savings and enhanced travel experiences. For instance, frequent travelers often highlight the value of the 15% discount and the additional benefits such as room upgrades and free breakfasts that come with Genius Level 2 and 3 memberships. Partners on Booking.com also benefit from increased visibility and bookings, making it a win-win for both customers and property owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is my Genius level, and how do I see it?

To check your Genius level, sign in to your Booking.com account. If you don’t have an account, creating one will instantly unlock Genius Level 1 discounts.

How do I unlock the next Genius level?

To progress to Genius Level 2, complete five bookings within two years. For Genius Level 3, complete fifteen bookings within two years.

What rewards do I get at each level?

  • Genius Level 1: 10% discount on select stays and rental cars.
  • Genius Level 2: 15% discount, free breakfast, and room upgrades on select stays.
  • Genius Level 3: Up to 20% discount, free breakfast, free room upgrades, and priority support.

Final Thoughts

The Booking.com Genius program is a fantastic way for frequent travelers to save money and enjoy added benefits. Whether you’re planning a short city break or a long vacation, the Genius program ensures you get the best deals and a little extra luxury on your travels.


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