With bank holidays often come exciting sales, and this year, Samsung has outdone itself with a massive discount on its latest Galaxy S24 range. Upgrading to the newest iPhone or Galaxy smartphone doesn’t come cheap, but this bank holiday sale might just change that. Tech enthusiasts have uncovered a smart loophole that can reduce the price of the £799 Galaxy S24 model to as little as £19.

It’s an offer that competitors like Apple and Google simply can’t match. Samsung’s sale includes its newest models such as the S24, S24+, S24 Ultra, Galaxy ZFlip5 and ZFold5. While discounts on Apple’s latest iPhone 15 are rare, Giffgaff is offering a £120 discount, which pales in comparison to Samsung’s current offers.

Unlocking Savings with Trade-In Deals

The key to slashing the price of the standard S24 device to under £20 lies in Samsung’s trade-in loophole. Samsung allows customers to trade in their old phones for additional discounts, potentially reducing the price of the S24 to just £19. This trade-in program offers significant savings, starting at £100 and increasing depending on the model you trade in.

For instance, if you have an S23 Ultra or a newer iPhone model, you can get up to £470 off the already discounted £499 sale price. Even without an old model to trade in, the S24 is priced at £499, which is approximately £200 cheaper than the current price of the older S23 on Amazon.

Must-See Samsung Sales on Foldable Phones

Samsung’s innovative foldable phones, the ZFlip5 and ZFold5, are also part of the sale, with price cuts of £400. This discount brings the price of the Galaxy ZFlip5 down to £649 and the Galaxy ZFold5 to £1,349. These devices, known for their versatility and multi-screen capabilities, offer a cutting-edge experience for those looking to upgrade their tech.

Unbeatable Prices Confirmed by Tech Experts

The Mirror Tech team, who have been closely monitoring the Galaxy S24 since its February launch, confirm that these are the lowest prices seen so far, especially when considering the trade-in loophole. The S24 at £499 is already a great deal, but with the potential trade-in discount, the savings are unprecedented.

Enjoy the savings and happy shopping!


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